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Coral & Moss

Nestled in Cornwall, 'Coral & Moss' is a creative family business that crafts delicate keepsakes capturing life's magical moments. With a team inspired by the interconnected beauty of existence, they meticulously handcraft detailed products in their coastal studio. Sourcing components from like-minded companies across the UK and Europe, they embody the spirit of dreamers, echoing the words, "We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams."


Whisper Of The

A Partner In Success

Take a look at our visit to Coral & Moss located in St. Austell! Imagine standing on the shore, feeling the wind playfully tangle with your hair as the scent of the sea envelops you. Now imagine

Coral & Moss... the salty sea breeze on your lips; the whisper of the trees in an enchanted forest; a handful of secrets passed on through your elders; the deep peace found on a warm, heavy-scented evening; the glowing depths of the bonfire.

Check out what their all about here.



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